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Unfailing love

Unfailing Love = The Holy Spirit

added by Bill_2
6 hours ago

Girls name

added by trinenma
8 hours ago

yourtimes is a creative content making website

added by yourtimesin
1 day ago

blasfeld Immigrant to England 1501 from Brabant Became Blashefelld, Basshefeld, Blashfield

added by margaret.smith_mogg
1 day ago

A "prozzy" or "prozzie" is a shortened or 'slang' version of the term "prostitute. It is often used in derogatory or complimentary manner.

added by hiyaaaaaa
1 day ago

IN essence, it means seeking to find beauty in imperfection, with the implication that since the world is nothing but imperfection this is the only natural way to live.

added by LivingDictionary
1 day ago

Actions of a jackass. singular form jackassery, which may be defined as ?“doltishness,” but the plural form is occasionally found.

added by LivingDictionary
2 days ago

observed his raised eyes heavenward, bathed in tears. Flooded in joy

added by LivingDictionary
2 days ago

831 is a short way to say I Love You. 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning….

added by tonyaortega
2 days ago

relating to an architectural style prevalent in western Europe from the 12th through the 15th century and characterized by pointed arches, rib vaulting, and an emphasis on verticality and the impression of height. b. Of or relating to an architectural style derived from medieval Gothic.

added by arianagrandebutera
2 days ago

Person who has been diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma.

added by Clarkstuff100
2 days ago

Talagang is combination of tala and gang tala means place and gang is sub cast of awan. The whole meaning is a place of gang awan

added by Javedbhatti8219
2 days ago

meaning of word tellis

added by reny.tellis
2 days ago

Zake in Uganda is a name originating from one Joshua Serufusa-Zake, an administrator at various levels during the early 1900s in the Buganda Kingdom. He was the initiator of the Namugongo martyrs shrines. He got the name Zake as a nick name because he would occasionally submit to fight against those who aimed at destroying the Buganda Kingdom - "Emundu zake" in Luganda,meaning, 'Let the guns fire" . In Kuswahili, zake means his or hers.

added by ekilifu
3 days ago

A discipline of thought. Meditative tapping into the power inherent in imagination and shared consciousness.

added by jdwaldron2008
3 days ago

Yar fuck off plz

added by Yashnaik
3 days ago


added by mezanrahman11
3 days ago

The Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company Ltd, trading as Tatua, is an independent co-operative dairy company in the Matamata-Piako District of the Waikato Region, in the North Island of New Zealand. It is located in the rural locality of Tatuanui, approximately 8 kilometres east of Morrinsville.

added by acronimous
3 days ago

Certkillers.net is best exam dumps provider in year 2021. Most of the exam material provided by certkillers.net is based on real exam scenario. Thousands of IT professionals have passed their exams using this giant certification training resource.

added by sales_5
3 days ago

Since it is a satirical channel, Its represents a giggle as in he he or ha ha

added by rinat
3 days ago

Sexpally means anything that stimulates sexual relationship, adult friendly or inclined. Sexpally can also mean your sex mate It could also be a tool to increase libido or make sex more enjoyable.

added by rinat
3 days ago

I’m a Khasi from Shillong, live and born in Mawlai. So I’m pretty much confident I can pronounce my own tribe correctly. For non-Khasi, this is how It pronounced Khasi as like Kha-see or Kha-c the "K, H & S" is like an English letter “K, H & S”, the “A” btw is pronounced as “Ah” or “Aa” and "I" in Khasi language is pronounced as “E” like in English letter E so Khahhsee or Khaasee. Also, you can put the "Kha" in the word Character like Kharacter and is pronounced the same as the English word CHA–racter or KHA–racter. Hope this helps for non-Khasi or Khasi people also who live or were born outside of Khasi that doesn’t know or have never learned/speak the Khasi language before, thank you. God bless you all

added by crestkmu
4 days ago

Yago. Where do you go? Slang where yago. A is pronounced like the a in acute. There yago.

added by bob_6
4 days ago

The new sport invented by Dennis McClanahan where one places his/her feet on two kick scooters with shortened t-bars and rides them in a skating fashion.

added by djmcclanahan
4 days ago

The spark that we all have that keeps us going . Not necessarily motivation but the zest to move forward.

added by captecstel
4 days ago

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